Many real estate investors are drawn to the idea of self managing their investment property or properties to save money. While this strategy seems advantageous for some, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for overseeing the day-to-day operations of investment real estate while remaining a full-service landlord to the residents, especially with the increasing level of Resident demand we are observing as millennials continue to flood the rental market.

Your residents’ and property needs are highly unpredictable, leaving financial and time stressors to pop up at any moment.

Legislations passed in the last year have narrowed the timelines for Landlord response windows regarding certain repair/maintenance concerns; owners who do not address these new laws within the specific timeframes as is required face extreme financial losses. Our legal team ensures that we are privy to every change impacting owners and residents in Colorado with enough notice to accommodate new policies seamlessly.

New software provides self-managing property owners with a lot of features, but they all fall short in their ability to offer comprehensive services in compliance with fair housing. Take a look at where these software programs may leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit

When you choose to hire MOD Properties to manage your properties, know that your investments are well-taken care of with maximum potential for return. In fact, we will work with you directly to accommodate whatever level of control you are most comfortable with so that you can rest easy.

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