Denver Property Management Services

Denver Property Management Services

Property Management for Residential Rentals since 2006

Call MOD Properties: 303-683-1774 | 5290 E. Yale Cir. #204 Denver, CO 80222

MOD Properties is a full-service property management and real estate firm in Denver offering residential management services for select properties in these classes:

  • Single-Family Homes
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums/Townhomes
  • Small Multi-Family (up to four units)
Modern Property Management in Denver
Modern Property Management in Denver
Modern Property Management in Denver
Modern Property Management in Denver

MOD Properties is a locally owned & operated small business in SE Denver, serving the entire metro area. We believe owners and tenants are mutually benefited by operating under unique principles that go against traditional landlord/tenant practices. These principles create better profits for our owners, better homes for our tenants, and a better working environment for us. MOD Properties has extensive knowledge of the rental market allowing our team to provide the best rental opportunities for all of our clients.

Our goal is to ensure a consistent and seamless relationship between both Owners, Management, and Residents. Our expectations of our tenants and clients are simple and we have high expectations for ourselves. We’ve been in business since 2006 and exclusively through great referrals every year we have housed more people and served more property owners.

We’re A Part Of The Community

MOD Properties provides free management and maintenance services to The Sacred Grace Family of Churches. In addition, we regularly complete service projects together as a team and our leadership team actively support the following organizations:

The MOD Properties’ company owner has completed 300+ hours of free community instruction on Colorado real estate investment over the last 2 years

Mod Properties News  & Updates Blog

How to Be an Ethical Landlord Amidst Economic Instability

CoronaVirus has already impacted absolutely every industry in our nation. When the news hit of how the pandemic would affect America and Denver specifically, our priority was immediately to develop new payment policies and communicate them to our owners and residents in an effort to provide relief and certainty in a chaotic time.  The [...]

How to Handle Renewals with Your Tenant and Why They are SO Important!

Vacancy costs YOU money! We've broken down how much mishandling tenant turnover can cost you in a short video The best way to limit vacancy is by confidently negotiating a renewal with your current resident. MOD Properties builds a strong relationship with residents throughout the lease and requires folks to provide 60 days' [...]

How to Screen a Rental Tenants with a New Rental Application?

Investment property owners expose themselves to extreme risk by failing to ensure that application criteria are published and in compliance with all Fair Housing recommendations. It is the number place where Landlords lose money unnecessarily. In August of 2019, Colorado passed a new bill regarding application fees.  As a result of this law, we [...]

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