Mod Properties Owner & Tenant Testimonials

Real reviews and testimonials from both Owners and Tenants that have worked with Mod Properties.

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  • “It has been good working with your company. Sarah, in particular, has been great so KUDOS to her!!!”
  • Thank you so much for restoring our faith in property management, I can’t express how much it means!”
  • “We so appreciate the work he did in our place. We love living here but even more now knowing our maintenance concerns will be addressed.”
  • “On time and quick!”

“Thank you so much for being such a great property management company! We’ve really enjoyed renting from you.”

  • “I would like to thank you for the past 18 months, you did a great job. I would not hesitate to employ your services again”
  • “MOD Properties got right on the issue the moment I let Sarah know there was an issue, I received a call from the vendor setting up a time…”
  • “Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!!”
  • “Overall maintenance has been amazing. Work is completed in a timely manner. They’re super knowledgeable about the entire process. Thank you for always being so responsive with maintenance requests!”

“Thank you for a great living experience for the last year. You/MOD were a very accommodating landlord!

  • “I like renting from you. You guys are good landlords.”
  • “Thanks as always for the excellent management. “
  • “Jason, Thank you for your consistent service and care for our community. You are faithful, dependable and loyal.”
  • Jason, I want to thank you for taking some time out yesterday to chat about possible investments. Your input was very valuable and offered a point of view that we had not considered. Every once in awhile someone just does a kind/good thing just because….That was you yesterday.”
  • “I appreciate everything you have done to help me Jason! The photos of your inspections help me to keep up on my properties”

“By the way, we met the neighbors and they had nothing but praise for MOD Properties, as well as the previous two tenants. Nice work!”

  • “I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for sending Matt to our place for the maintenance repairs we listed on our move in checklist. He addressed every one of our concerns and did a fantastic job! “
  • “Thanks again for the great ad posting. It was really well done – a thoughtful and accurate description and well staged with the pictures. I appreciate all that went into its creation.”
  • “The maintenance guys are always handy. They fixed the problem usually within a 1-2 week basis. This time it was accomplished even over the Christmas and New Year holidays season.”
  • “My request for maintenance repair was handled immediately. Sarah does An amazing job coordinating all the repairs!!! Thank you so much”
  • “Sean was very kind and courteous when entering our home, and fixed our issue in only a couple of hours. We really appreciate his work. Also them: Sean (or Shaun, I’m not sure how to spell his name!) is an incredible asset to your team. He is probably the kindest, most effective, most competent repair person that I have ever had the joy to have from a rental company. I so appreciate all of the work that he has done for us. What an amazing person!”

“Prompt and professional service as always.”

  • “MOD Properties is a real pleasure to work with and have as an agent! Anything that requires attention is very quickly rectified professionally and correctly, and the service is outstanding as well! Thank you again for everything!”
  • “MOD Properties has a wonderful maintenance team that we appreciate very much, they are always kind, respectful, and dependable. I have not had a maintenance concern yet that they haven’t been able to fix. Thank you, MOD Prop maintenance team!”
  • “I have been happy working with you and your team and look forward to a potential new property. I will be recommending your services to the buyer.”
  • “Jason, I’d like you to know that it has been a pleasure working with you these past 14 or so years! I’ve learned a lot from you and always appreciated your calm and collected presence. In the future, if we have anymore properties to rent, we’ll definitely come to MOD.”

I trust your judgement. I appreciate your company taking such great care of my home.

  • “MOD Properties has been great and I wish I could rent from you guys again!”
  • “We have been happy with MOD’s management thus far – you have gone out of your way to accommodate us”
  • “Thank you very much, your class was very informative. I will remember your company for any future needs or recommendations.”
  • “I think your knowledge of buildings certainly was an asset and we now spend quite a bit more hiring contractors under new management. You were always responsive and attentive when issues came up. I have been hassling the current manager for months about the exterior lights being out and nothing has changed – the parking lot is still completely dark at night. It really is the nuts-and-bolts of property management that you do well. Now we’re paying more money and have substantially worse service. That to say, I think the best manager for our building just needs to be responsive when real issues need to be addressed and have knowledge of the building to help manage costs. And then just all the administrative / accounting that goes with it. I don’t imagine that anyone we will get in the future will be as good at that as you were.”

It is hard being an owner when you’re new to real estate but MOD makes it so much better and easier. Thanks again for all you do.

  • “Thanks for the prompt maintenance as always, you never know when you move in, whether or not the office staff or the maintenance will be prompt/responsive. You all have exceeded expectations in both those areas. Thank you for that!”
  • “A special thanks for being so responsive to the tenants’ calls – especially the after hours ones!”
  • “I really appreciate the “behind the scenes” looks you provide with your owner statement. We have been clients for more than nine years, and it has been delightful to see you up your game during that time. In particular, this new platform is easy to use and offer us details a day or two earlier than was the case before.”
  • “I want you to know Jason and all at MOD that I found the Deposit amount dispersed to cover many of the expenses I heighted in YELLOW earlier to be very fair from my perspective. I truly appreciate MOD addressing this matter in a fair way IMO. I admit that I was concerned about this. This has helped me decide to continue bringing future business to MOD for your fair and honest business conduct.”

I very much appreciate your honest and fair service !!! THIS IS A BIG DEAL to me !!!!