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Mod Properties Blog

Find out the latest from your friends at MOD Properties! Information about services and how we’re an active part of the Denver community!

What We LOVE About Denver

At MOD, we are proud to be locally-based. As active and engaged residents of the communities we service, we offer immeasurable value to our Owners and Residents. Here's the top 6 things we love about Denver: "Denver Metro" includes so many unique and cultured neighborhoods that you can find almost any atmosphere your heart desires [...]

Stick To What You’re Good At

A lot of property management companies offer all types of service packages for every different type of rental. Over the last three years, MOD Properties has invested time, energy, and resources in identifying and polishing our niche.In order to be successful in property management, Landlords are constantly re-evaluating task priority and responding accordingly. Failing to [...]

MOD Gives Back 2020 

MOD Properties gathers to give back to our community each year. We value what it means to be a small, locally grown business, and know the importance of reinvesting into the people and businesses around us. Check out what we did in 2019 here 2020 looked a lot different for everyone, MOD Properties included. [...]

How is Denver’s Rental Market Changing in the Pandemic?

We're glad you asked because MOD Properties has made it our top priority all year to remain one step ahead of the headlines and their financial impacts. From a sales perspective, Denver's housing market couldn't get any hotter. September saw record-breaking numbers in response to overall inventory shifts and lower-than-ever interest rates. This level of [...]

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