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How to Add or Remove Tenants from a Lease in Denver’s Creative Housing Culture

As Denver's housing costs increase and we face unprecedented economic circumstances, we are seeing a rise in what is called "Creative Housing." Creative Housing refers to when independent renters pursue short-term rental solutions that are cheaper and offer less responsibility than a full-length lease. Under a MOD Properties lease, this would considered subletting and [...]

MOD Responds as City of Denver Receives Stay-At-Home Order from Mayor Hancock

MOD Properties continues to navigate the uncertain circumstances surrounding Colorado's social distancing and the impacts of Corona Virus. Mayor Hancock's recent Stay-At-Home order will have further impacts on those living and working in the city and county Denver. We've again reached out to Residents asking them to establish or modify a payment plan if [...]

MOD Properties Prepares for the Impacts of the Corona Virus and Social Distancing

Businesses and agencies all across the world are taking steps to eliminate the transmission of Corona Virus and promote the safety of our vulnerable populations. MOD Properties is committed to keeping our employees, residents, and community healthy. Our offices will be closed to drop-in visitors until further notice and we're requiring the following protocol [...]

We Can Do Hard Things

Life is hard. And sometimes, it may seem too hard. It can be difficult to see your potential when something in front of us seems like too much of a challenge. We may avoid it altogether or start to think of why we might need to put it off; or maybe we panic under [...]

How to navigate emotional support and service animals at your rental property

We most frequently see the issue of emotional support (ESA) and service animals arise during the application process when someone says their dog/cat is not just a pet and they want to know if they will still be charged pet rent/deposit. When partnered with appropriately, ESA and service animals are an incredible asset and [...]