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How to navigate emotional support and service animals at your rental property

We most frequently see the issue of emotional support (ESA) and service animals arise during the application process when someone says their dog/cat is not just a pet and they want to know if they will still be charged pet rent/deposit. When partnered with appropriately, ESA and service animals are an incredible asset and [...]

Should I Allow Pets in My Rental Property?

We get this question from most new owners and it's a good one. In this context, "pets" most typically refers to cats and dogs, and atypical scenarios should be considered on a case by case basis. We will cover emotional support and service animals at a later date. More Reading: How to navigate emotional [...]

Mastery: A MOD Properties Guiding Value

At MOD Properties, every effort is one of Mastery. Managing your rental means more to us than it does to other companies. We are a leader in the Denver Real Estate industry and our company owner has provided over 300+ free hours of community education in real estate investment because we wholeheartedly believe in [...]

How to evict non-paying tenants in Colorado

It's every Landlord's nightmare: Your tenants are in arrears, offering only excuses, and there is no plan for payment in sight. While no one wants to initiate the eviction process on a resident, we understand that your investment needs to be protected. Evictions cost property owners a lot more than just lost rent. It's [...]

Zeal: A Mod Properties Guiding Value

Zeal We have three guiding values as a team at MOD Properties and this is one of them. It's a funny word that most typically draws inquiring looks. We use this word internally to refer to our approach to working with our owners, tenants, and most importantly -- each other. The word is defined [...]

MOD Properties’ Philosophy Behind Service Packages

We are often asked if we offer various service packages for prospective clients to pick from who are comparison shopping.  Folks will often find that other companies offer options for leasing only vs full service management or some type of bronze, silver and gold package. Our answer is really very, very simple. We offer [...]