The MOD Properties Team

Jason Meyer of MOD Properties in Denver

Jason Meyer of Mod Properties in Denver

Jason Meyer obtained his real estate license in 2002 and founded MOD Properties in 2003.  He views the genesis of MOD Properties as coming full circle to his family roots, having literally grown up in the business of building management by spending after school hours working alongside his father and mother, from performing property maintenance to working in the management office. His depth and breadth of knowledge and experience across real estate allow the MOD Properties team to successfully integrate high-tech property management solutions and superior customer service to create an efficient and streamlined property management system.

Jason hopes to provide investors the basic key components to managing their real estate assets and improving their bottom line.

A Colorado native, Jason found himself an east coast gal, Jenna and together they have 4 children. A fervent hockey player, Jason is also a proud Chicago Blackhawks fan who attends as many games as his busy schedule will allow. Other hobbies include volunteering, reading, traveling, drinking beer and enjoying his family.