Businesses and agencies all across the world are taking steps to eliminate the transmission of Corona Virus and promote the safety of our vulnerable populations. MOD Properties is committed to keeping our employees, residents, and community healthy. Our offices will be closed to drop-in visitors until further notice and we’re requiring the following protocol from all field staff:

  • Staff exhibiting symptoms or having come into contact with someone who is confirmed to have coronavirus will remain home
  • Staff will engage in meticulous hygiene practices including respiratory etiquette, hand washing, refraining from touching face, etc.
  • Staff will use hand sanitizer before and after accessing a property
  • Staff will communicate time/access windows with as much detail as possible so that residents are able to plan accordingly
  • Staff will remain 6-9 feet away from other individuals when completing work in a property
  • **Note – we are asking residents to use text messaging to communicate with our maintenance technicians during service visits, even when they are completing work in the home, to ensure the recommended distancing window.

Residents with requested or scheduled service to be completed in the home have been asked to let us know if they are experiencing symptoms such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath, etc. or if they have had direct contact with someone confirmed to have Corona Virus, so that we can postpone or reschedule as needed. Open and transparent communication will be to everyone’s benefit.

Meeting our owners property management needs remains our top priority. With Mayor Hancock’s order to close all Denver bars and restaurants through May 11th, 2020, we want to address the impacts this will have on residents and your rental property. Sheriff’s offices have even announced they are diverting staff and resources away from eviction cases as now is not the time to be removing anyone from their home.

But folks reliant upon service industry income or those who cannot work from home will be facing severe financial loss over the next few months. We are encouraging all residents to engage in early and transparent communication so that we can best navigate each situation with your involvement and insight as the owner.
Handling rental property delinquency is one of the most time-and cost-intensive parts of owning a rental property and we are honored to relieve you of that stress in this chaotic time. While there will be many special considerations in the wake of this pandemic, our mastered approach to delinquency will still apply in most cases.

Again, please know that we are here to do everything we can to keep our community safe and thriving. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out! Our offices may be closed to drop-in visitors, but our industry-experienced staff are diligently working remotely and are diligently preparing for every impact the Covid-19 outbreak will have on investment real estate.

Stay healthy out there!

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