COVID-19 Policies for showing occupied rental homes

In response the the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic, MOD Properties has implemented several strategies in an attempt to limit the number of in-person showings. The following are aimed at encouraging virtual market options:

1) Video tour, 3D tour, and floorplan being added to all ads before they go live
2) Extra screening questions added to the Tenant Turner for prospects:

  • Require that they have viewed the ad
  • Screen for symptoms or exposure and require that the tour then be virtual
  • Require the prospect to acknowledge they are touring an occupied home (where applicable) and that they will take extra safety measures to limit transmission

During this time MOD Properties will also do our part to limit risk of infection and transmission by complying with the following instructions provided by the State of Colorado for all in-person showings:

  • Adhere to all general rules or guidance on social gathering limitations when working in the field, including in someone's business or personal home
  • Maintain 6 foot distancing from residents, prospects, and agents
  • Require face coverings or masks for any in-person interactions or work being done in third-party homes or office spaces (Additional Guidance)
  • Maintain detailed log of customer interactions to enable contact tracing (if ever needed)
  • Sanitize high-touch sufaces and tools or equipment after each customer visit (Additional Guidance) (This requires brokers or their clients to wipe down touched surfaces after every showing, i.e. Lockboxes, door handles, light switches, etc.)
  • Provide guidance and encouragement to prospects including frequently sanitizing hands, wearing face masks, and preventing contact with surfaces