Owner Guide for NTV

The residents at your rental will be moving soon.

A manager will be inspecting the property and will contact you afterward to review any large projects and lease terms before marketing.

We will publish the ad as soon as the next business day upon your approval of the terms.

Our software will populate the ads to the major sites.

There are some limitations to certain data fields that may not match up, but we do work to ensure that data is as accurate as possible with our efforts focused on sites producting the highest volume of leads.

After your property is on the market, we will update you by email weekly on Tuesday afternoons/Wednesday mornings with feedback on the level of interest, showing volume, and any feedback we’ve received.

Based on this information, we may recommend changes to price, terms, or suggest improvements or additional work.

We want to make sure you review and understand the items below prior to us marketing the property.

Sample Lease


Our lease changes regularly as we meet annually with our attorney to improve the lease and ensure compliance with any new laws.  Leases will be modified slightly for any needs specific to your property.

Approval Criteria


Applicants that meet these criteria will be approved.


Flow chart on our application approval process


This gives some additional detail on applicant processing, specifically, those applicants that do not fully meet our criteria and require your approval.

Default marijuana policy


This is our default policy for handling of prospect inquiries related to marijuana use.  Owners may opt out of this if they prefer a different approach.

Resident Benefit Package


This gives detail on the resident benefit package included in every new lease.  This is a new offering designed to improve compliance with filter changes, improve tenant satisfaction and offer more flexibility for minor lease violations.  Resident pricing for this varies between $25 and $40 depending on the property.

If we previously presented you with options for renewal you may have noticed some data about vacancies costing owners 65-80% of one month's rent for related expenses.  As these will likely be incurred with a tenant changeover we wanted to highlight this again. Below is some additional information on these costs.  We will hold 65% of funds from the last month of occupancy by the current resident to help cover repair costs.

For any larger projects like flooring replacement, appliance replacement or full painting we will request estimates and your approval.

Turn Checklist

These items will all be checked or repaired and evaluated between residents.


Final Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Partial Painting-Our goal will be to ensure that the condition of the walls is similar to the condition of the remainder of the property and not a deterrent. We will clean and touch up walls where we can but full painting of walls is often required. We focus our efforts on walls with the most visibility to maximize visual improvement.

Landscape/Exterior Clean Up

Note that the above is for items that are needed to maintain the property and address aging from normal wear and tear. Items like cleaning and damages will also be ordered with associated costs billed against the tenants' deposit.

Additional costs will be incurred for any routine exterior maintenance.  This will include snow removal during winter months and regular yard service during summer months.