Client Reviews

Been Season
Been searching for a property management company so I can be hands off and worry free that thing will be taken care of in a timely manner when it comes to my priority. Dion response time was almost immediate which is exactly what I need being so busy with other things. I need someone that I can count on to do the job and MOD Properties was it, thanks!
Chris Lyon
Honestly as an owner who has a hectic job and travel schedule I know my rental properties are in good hands with MOD. They offer advice, support, cost-effective maintenance options, and great customer service. I hear good feedback from tenants too. MOD is a great partner for my real estate ventures and I likely would not be expanding my holdings without their expertise and support.
Recently moved out of a property managed by MOD after living there for a little over a year. I have no complaints with MOD or the property, which is uncommon in this day and age. Only had a few small issues with the apartment, but every time something came up they were easy to get in touch with and promptly resolved it. When it came time for our lease to expire, we needed an extra month before we could move into our house and MOD was very understanding of the situation and worked with us. Out of all the property management companies I've dealt with, MOD is the best. Easy to communicate with, prompt service, and always willing to work with you to fit your needs.
Larry Pierce
Sarah, Jason and the team always have done a great job. Have worked with them for awhile and have great communication and attitude in all times. All around super great company to work with.
Michael Lassers
Just wanted to share our great experience with MOD Properties over the years. They managed our property and were always quick to respond to our tenants needs. Additionally, they always made sure the property was in tip top shape. We never had an issue with their services and would use them again in the future.
Zach Drake
MOD Properties has been a fantastic resource for us over the years. We hired them to manage a rental property for us and found the experience to be professional and transparent. In addition, they always took the time to provide us with valuable advice regarding rental agreements, HOA bylaws, general real-estate knowledge, etc. Highly recommended.
Brian P
We have partnered with MOD Properties to manage our apartment building for over 5 years before we recently sold it. Jason and his team have always responded quickly to our tenants needs, provided fair pricing for maintenance and repairs while being very responsive to owner requests. I highly recommend MOD Properties to anyone to anyone looking for a property management company that will manage it like they own it.
Dan Reed
MOD Properties has served us as a wonderful resource for all things property management and real estate advice. They've gone out of their way to help our family navigate the Denver real estate market. Total pros.
Heather R
The team at Mod Properties was easy to work with in regards to my schedule and what I was looking for. If I have a friend or family member in need of a housing change I would definitely recommend Mod Properties to them.
Cory Civilla
We used Jason & MOD Properties to manage our single family rental. Living out of state and being first time landlords we felt we really needed help and MOD came through. They provided great service at a reasonable price and really helped us navigate all the ins & outs of getting renters, maintenance requests, bookkeeping, etc. Definitely made life easier!
Butim Joseconseco
I live at a property managed by Mod. It really feels like they are here to help and work for me rather than feeling like they are just here to collect rent. They regularly check safety items, repairs are always quick and I get an app and payment options consistent with what a national company would offer. The response when I needed time to pay was amazing, so much compassion, not what I expected in a positive way.
Tracy Emmons
I have recently hired MOD Properties to help manage my property. Jason's communication is responsive and professional. He provides exceptional support and has always been available when needed. I feel incredibly supported and confident in the decisions that are made with me. I would highly recommend MOD Properties to anyone looking for a company to help protect your investment.
Melissa Schumacher
I worked with Jason for a brief time but within that time he went above and beyond expectations. I had hired him as a new property manager because the renters I currently had were not paying rent and when they finally did their check bounced screwing everything up with my accounts. Jason was able to come in and defuse the situation, he was able to get an accurate figure of what they owed and get everything straightened out going forward. If it weren't for him idk what I would have done. MOD properties is the real deal, it's not easy as a property owner especially when it comes to absolutely horrible renters but Jason and his team were able to give me a piece of mind dealing with all the extra stress that comes with the territory. Im really glad I was able to work with them and I would strongly recommend their services to everyone. It is definitely not easy what they do but Jason and his team make it look easy. That's how good they are at their job.. Trust me you won't have any regrets hiring them infact you will be happy you did!! Thank you so much MOD properties/Jason and his team for all your hard work and dedication. You're the best
John Tillett
I served on my HOA board and worked directly with Jason. I found Jason and his staff to be highly professional and responsive. I highly recommend working with MOD Properties!
John Choboian
My business partner and I used Mod properties for over 10 years until we sold our properties. I highly recommend them. And Jason Myer is a true professional.
Rachelle Naishtut
MOD Properties was the property manager at my complex for a number of years. Some of that time I was on the Board, some just a home owner. Jason Meyer attended all Board meetings. He was on the property regularly come rain or shine and responded to every homeowner's call/request. He helped us organize home owner activities for the purpose of saving money. He made suggestions on how best to handle problems on the property as they arose and then he contacted the necessary people and got the work going. He walked the Board through difficult discussions and decisions. And he did all this pleasantly and professionally. I would not hesitate to hire/rehire MOD Properties.
Rick Hamrick
When my wife and I moved from Denver to Raleigh, we needed a professional management company to take care of our former home which became a rental property. Jason and MOD Properties impressed us from the beginning. Today, nearly 11 years later, I can testify that MOD has only gotten better over the years. The system they now have in place makes communication easy, keeps owners informed of any maintenance issues with detailed reporting of any work done, and provides financials on a monthly basis and yearly reports which make tax time easy when it comes to the investment property. The only reason they are no longer our management company is simple: we sold the house. Highly recommended!
Brian Starke
MOD Properties is a small business and because of this you get taken care of. The owner is passionate and cares about providing a good service. I definitely recommend them.
Michael Chase
Jason and Sarah D. work very hard to reach fair and equitable resolutions when tenants have issues, they respond promptly and you can tell they are always working hard.